Lowrey Go Go

by Soft Pyramids

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released October 5, 2018

All songs written by Soft Pyramids:
Dwight Hutchenson
Jon Christensen
Shaun Curran
Matthew Glover
Max Liebman

Recorded and mixed by Shaun Curran at
The Napoleon Complex in Somerville, MA
Additional recording by Benny Grotto at Rubber Tracks Studio

Mastered by Maria Rice at
Peerless Mastering in Boston, MA

Artwork by Jon Christensen

©2018 Heart Machine (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Until It Hurts
when the sun come to burn the hangover
say, if you don't love your man
if you're wrong and there's more to this scandal
wither in the heat that we don’t understand
while we wait

i'll roll numbers
keep me wild
running me over
won't you stay with me a while until it hurts
oh, i can't cry sober
i'll go weak
Track Name: Empty Rise
circle of whispers
as we wreck our minds
we'll roll towards the alley
when we come up dry

oh we wait and see
tempting further and we all go weak

crooks in the open
as we shift our sights
we could loosen the covers
put it all back right

oh nobody's staying
as we crowd outside
in the first bit of daylight
on an empty rise

oh you can't keep us quiet
sprouting thunder from the underside
oh you've built this state
all unraveling in our wake


you know
you're late
right about now
it's all we can take
oh, you lie
do as you can
ooh we'll never need you now
all the days gone by

all above a whisper
its mine oh mine
you know i’m a demon
but you take your time

i'm losing the feeling
in a lonely way
it could go like the daylight
oh mine oh mine
Track Name: Talk Too Much
you're down on luck
you're living rough
the waiting's a killer
you've got to run again

the devil's rush
it won't let up
I wanted to be your friend
and you brought a war on our heads
you talk too much

in your darkest hour
when you've had enough
to see
the hells angel choir
on your window sill
you realize you still

your diamond clutch
it won't fetch much
they'll drag me along like you weren't
fighting for yourself
you made it tough
you've lost your touch
don't worry about me
i'll be waiting for you there
you talk too much

we've all had enough
of the blood and sand
to breath
easy in despair
i don't ask you much
i don't ask too much
Track Name: God Damn Grief
i never set my
my eyes on it
a dim horizon
the same old shit

you're realizing
we'll never last
nobody's listening
the die is cast

a rearrival?
a hollow ghost
the dereliction
another dose

the water's churning
beyond the break
we write our letters
while islands shake

oh you made your way
past all the ideas you had,
Track Name: Dark Matter
as you're waking
as you're drying out
i'm a body ghost
every vagrant soul

but you're wading in
i'll be there soon
i want to be on
your sideways trip

close your tired eyes
i'll be there soon
nothing on the line
i wanted you

in my mind i can be dark matter
and not matter
float around in space and time
so blind

we're surrounded, lost in the feeling
it could drop at any time
we're all fighting our well being
we keep coming out alive

oh we're wading in
we'll be there soon
i want to be your
fuckin magic trick
Track Name: Fake Time
Ooh, you know I'm right here somewhere
you know I could not be in love with someone who
gives, me everything i wanted
i'll turn the lights down low, and pretend you'll never know

ooh, cruel make-believe
ooh, your memories of me

Ooh, you know I won't believe you
you're satisfied with this when there's poison on your lips and you keep holding out
for some kind of a savior
we're only passing time
while we watch the world go blind
Track Name: Airwave Hypnotic
do you want me bells and all?
tell me, sister, anything at all
the town is quiet
but the television's always right
keep holding on
we're pulling on the same chain

ooh, the nights elude me
I dream out all the lies
on the way

i can see his naked fear
he's choking on his lavalier
the blinding lights
are boring through his skull
his minds gone numb
i'm watching all of it live
while he speaks to me in tongues
they got answers for it all
merchandise delivered with a drawl
they're rotted out
they're readying their escape
just leave me out
broadcasting vacant lullabies
to the masses in denial
they keep holding on
pulled under by the same chain

you gotta take a beating and push through time
wrap your brain in a knot to turn off your mind
sleep with the stars with our lovers see the undefined
black out the motherfuckers who let you go
Track Name: Love You Low
if you don't mind, i'll be
out here waiting
you cover my eyes
i brace
you steal a drag

whatever beacon we're
you couldn’t mask a fade
you gone away again
ooh and I know there’s a tide
of you comin

if you don’t mind, I see
we're out again
i'm another stop on your way
you're heaven sent

you never heard me say
i want it easy
i coulda been your freeze
slow up your rant


hypnotic world in reach
stigmata dealings
i can rattle back my way
crawl out my digs

i wanna be your be your sting
laconic dagger
you coulda been my way
you went your own

ooh, imagine it
in another day, we might be in love
ooh and you know i wanted in, oh
you bore of life, barely worn


you're spinning out of my reach
picked up and left
another role you say
i'd only fail

i wanna be your style
you tell me how to be a man
i want to steal your wings
i'll love you low
Track Name: By The Pond
You're gonna leave on me
Cause I'm like a lamb

The days swelter
The wind threw heat
And I crumbled
I crumbled

You're gonna leave me
Your body says
But hold on

You better learn about my my life
Cause I got a knife
Easy, Easy

You gotta lean on me
You're a silent mess
Believe me
You won't leave no more

Lay and rest
Right by the pond
Sleep still
Sleep forever

You gotta earn a god damn life
I've gambled mine
Only, To lose it

You got a hold on my mind
I got mine
Easy, Easy, Easy
Track Name: Keep It Close
stars are out tonight
they curse you out of hand
strange and overripe
you want to share my stack

when i was out
in the doorway
reaching towards the night
ricocheted off the wall
we take it back
then i talk too loud

heavy on the rise
i keep it close to me
waking up beside
like I could never leave

when we were out
we were hoping
we might end up alright
we were dumb
only outlines
softening into our minds

stars are out tonight
i crept up in your field
a vision, i awoke
but i could never leave
make it stop
make it stop
make it stop
when we were out
we were blazed
wishing with our head, and gone
the rest of them, i hang upon
i wish i had not started long ago
when we were out
straight ahead
a single strung out night
left alone,
turn that record down
i'm sick of all of mine

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